Cultural Diversity Training


Cultural Diversity Training



From  2019-02-12 15:00:00  to  2019-02-12 23:00:00
Event Description
Build Cultural Diversity Skills to Better Manage Cultural Expectations This Workshop employs a series of tools, role-play, case studies and cultural diversity activities that will help build cultural awareness both in the workplace and with clients. Participants learn the difference between common sense and cultural sense to help them see others more clearly. Our cultural competence skills workshop is critical for managing cultural diversity and enables your organization and your leaders to meet the performance demands and expectations of an increasingly global workplace. The course helps builds awareness that leads to more effective collaboration and better decisions for your organization. The materials used are a result of the collaboration of acclaimed intercultural experts from 35 countries. Clients select specific cultures to study which present current workplace challenges. Case studies are completed for these targeted cultures. Participants in this workshop learn to implement a model for navigating cross-cultural communication more effectively and to develop practical strategies for developing workplace and client sensitivity. Objectives Participants will learn to: Understand how personal values generate specific behaviors Gain an overall appreciation for their own and others cultural values Build cross-cultural communication to create stronger working relationships Address cultural diversity issues to lead and motivate a team Get the best out of people from different backgrounds and experiences Learn to listen and observe from an intercultural perspective Decrease negative stereotyping and judgments across locations Improve intercultural decision-making by practicing real world scenarios Implement a shared model for building intercultural competence